Experience the look and feel of glass in a durable, BPA free, plastic alternative.


Hi-Ball Pint 16oz

Whether it is an elegant dinner party party with co-workers, lounging by the pool, or enjoying a cold brew with friends at the local pub, the Puraform Hi-Ball is the right choice.

Stemless Wine 12oz

PF-200 boasts a striking design. A deep red wine or sparkling white stays chilled much longer than regular glass. Great for parties by the pool, the piano, or on the beach!

Double Old Fashion 12oz

PF-110 is a classic design for the bar. The refracted light catches the shine and quality of a scotch on the rocks or increases the appeal of orange juice in the morning!


These glasses have been run over by a car, hit with a baseball bat, and restaurant tested with no breakage and minimal damage. So, yeah, it can handle your commercial dishwasher.

Tritan plastic by Eastman is BPA-free and safe for families and friends. There is no risk of broken glass around the pool or patio or chipped edges endangering kids. Puraform doesn't sweat and keeps drinks cold on hot summer days up to three times longer than other plastics and glass!